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The UATI Live Virtual Part 107 Course is designed to prepare students for the initial Part 107 Exam and provide useful knowledge for advancing to fly unmanned aircraft in a lined environment. This instructor led virtual course consists of 24 hours of classroom training based on FAA resources with a heavy focus on scenarios to help enforce a working knowledge of Part 107 concepts, while teaching basic concepts of unmanned flight in the electrical utility industry, mapping applications, and other related industries. Students will attend virtually using Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Google Meet, or another similar video conferencing platform. Call for group pricing.
Nathan · September 4, 2022

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Nathan worked as the Director of Training for Soaring Eagle Technologies and was an instructor for UATI before accepting his current role at UATI. Along with substantial UAS training experience, Nathan is a Part 61 pilot and specializes in media and video production and adds creativity and additional innovation to the team. Nathan has a BA in Journalism from the University of Mississippi.

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